Support to cheer about

Imperium has built its reputation on an intense commitment to Simplifying Essential IT—simplicity means comprehensive support for worry-free systems.

The Imperium Promise

We will cultivate intense staff loyalty to our clients’ needs. We will not sell a service when we do not have the good-faith belief that you will benefit from it (we will not sell you the wrong services). In terms of support agreements, for routine matters, you will generally have responses on the same or next business day; for mission-critical support, you will have access 24/7 (365-days a year) to a dedicated response team of senior techs. Because of how we cultivate relationships, you will usually know the technician who responds, and he or she will know your system, so you won’t have to fight through tiers of entry-level tech-talk before getting to somebody who can begin to remedy the situation. We make all this part of our culture.

That said, we all know that sometimes talk is cheap. The best evidence of this promise is how many clients have been with us for over a decade. We have solid business supporting dozens of ongoing projects. Imperium is here to stay.

If you’ve been searching for a responsive and dedicated IT team, look no further.

Got a support issue? support[at]imperium[dot]ca (It sends an email to our senior techs.)

Imperium simplifies essential IT for superior performance and profits.

Think about it

Research shows that in large-scale IT installations, the annual disk replacement rates typically exceed 1%, with 2-4% common and up to 13% observed on some systems.

The lesson: disk failures are unpredictable and inevitable —and choosing premier component manufacturers is only part of the answer. Whatever platform you use, and whoever manages it, make sure that they have created redundancy and disaster recovery plans to suit your business requirements.