New Healthcare Technology Shifts Attention From Medical Charts To Patient Needs

In collaboration with Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Imperium Inc. has created an application that allows medical practitioners and staff to spend more time with patients and less with paperwork.

The new application, Scribe Direct, automates the transfer of audio files from medical offices to transcriptionists at Scribe Healthcare Technologies. During the transfer, the application automatically archives the audio files according to doctor so they can be accessed at later dates. Once the transfer has been successfully completed, the application creates a log file to record each success. If, for whatever reason, an error occurs during transfer, Scribe Direct reattempts the transmission until it is completed successfully.

Through correspondence with Scribe’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark. D. Boyce, this application has been fine tuned to ensure that Scribe’s clients are presented with a product that meets their needs. Prior to the application’s development, doctors who use transcriptionists would create treatment notes on audio recording devices, instead of filling out charts and making handwritten notes during or after treatment. These audio files would then be sent to Scribe and, once received, transcriptionists would convert the audio to text. Automating the file transfer and storage procedures in this process saves doctors and their staff time, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the entire medical office.

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