Management Expertise

Keith Kupsch
Director of Administration

Keith is a bona fide computer pioneer. His guidance counselor said there might be a future in computers, so in the early 1970s he studied computer technologies at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)—making him one of the rare practitioners who’s been involved for much of the last four decades. (But we’ve learned not to ask him why he didn’t get around to inventing DOS.)

As the IT field evolved and his career developed, he moved into areas of increasing responsibility involving administration and human resources, which led to his Health, Safety and Environment Certificate from University of Calgary. His current pursuit is a diploma program as an Integrated Disability Management Professional. Keith’s extensive understanding of IT and human resources make him an indispensable asset for attracting talent to Imperium and managing the ongoing development of its workforce.

Keith is hardcore in so much of what he does; in the summer you’ll find him riding his motorcycle, and each and every winter you’ll find him outside playing community hockey.

Got an admin question? keith.kupsch [at ]


Colin Bodor
Senior System and Network Architect

Simplifying intricate systems is no easy task. Obscure protocols complicate a number of enterprise applications. So in order to deliver on all fronts,  Imperium needs people like Colin who will immerse themselves in their field. His encyclopedic knowledge of network and system design came from making friends (in his late teens) with the manager of a computer bookstore who let him hang out and absorb an extensive range of programming and server configuration manuals.

As the network field evolved and his career developed, he moved into managing Windows and Linux servers, and then more complex systems. Later with Imperium, he refined his skill set to manage larger data centre and security applications on behalf of a range of enterprise and academic clients.
In order both to enhance Imperium’s cloud offerings and his new role, he recently formalized his credentials with the Astaro Certified Engineer designation; and he is only days away from completing the elements for the vmware certified professional designation.

Colin may be the only person you ever meet who can design and build single board computers for fun and profit—and do so with just his hands and a soldering iron. He has been all the way to the Arctic Circle, and returns to the North routinely to decompress.

Got a cloud, network or support issue? colin.bodor [at ] or support [at ]


Stephen Schaff
Director of Sales

Stephen is a consummate innovator. 20 years ago, having became interested in 3D animations, he then had the problem of sharing them with friends in other cities; but there was no facebook at the time, so he taught himself Internet protocols and set up his own server for sharing content. This led to a number of ventures in the fields of hosting, database programming, and critical IT support—as demand for all these grew in the last two decades.

To support his passion for quality, he obtained a Certificate in Database Design from University of Calgary. His reputation garnered an invitation to instruct at SAIT, where he taught the Linux operating system for three semesters. Then, before taking the role of Sales Director at Imperium, Stephen was specializing in business application development, where he designed and built two online learning systems for clients.

Stephen isn’t satisfied with professional accomplishments alone. He is a leader within a well-known community service organization. He’s also one of the few technology demi-gods that is highly outgoing; he has an infectious personality that makes it a hoot to be with him whether racing go-karts, playing rugby, of just floating down the river.

Got a question about an Imperium proposal ? stephen.schaff [at ]