A Canadian industry leader

Imperium builds its reputation on an intense commitment to Simplifying Essential IT.

We help Canadian businesses and universities become stronger organizations by combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across cloud, hosting, and software applications. These aren’t services we just dabble in – or offer as loss leaders to help sell website design – these are our core disciplines. You can count on first-rate results.

Things to know

Imperium Inc. is a family-owned business. It began in Calgary, Canada in Spring 2001, and it remains headquartered there today. We are debt free. We are here to stay.

We have clients in a dozen cities, and are currently responsible for managing over:

100 Terabytes of critical information

900 Processors supporting advanced applications at three universities, two medical records companies, and one major sustainability data project

4 Terabytes of memory servicing hundreds of secure databases

As you might imagine, we want our clients to do well and grow, so we can do well and grow.


Imperium simplifies essential IT for superior performance and profits.