Simplify and save with Imperium cloud solutions

Choose the best cloud design to drive business value.
Clouds advance your business goals by offering secure, scalable, resilient and cost-effective computing. But that doesn’t happen without planning. First you must assess which of three configurations is right for you:
  • Public cloud service. Lever the surplus computing and storage capacity of others – as well as their up-front investments – so you only pay for what you use. Modern public clouds handle security well, but when data integrity is your business, you will often need more.
  • Private cloud service. Enjoy unprecedented security and resiliency, and retain full control of your prized data. Private clouds require up-front investments, but for enterprise applications they pay off in responsiveness, scalability and lower total costs.
  • Hybrid cloud service. When you you have a mix of critical and non-critical data, you can lower your up-front costs by sending non-critical or burst data applications to off-premise public clouds; your critical applications can then draw on your own private cloud, always ready with lightning-fast computing power.
Once your requirements are confirmed, you can use Imperium’s own public cloud for added confidence, or let us tailor a fully-private cloud to suit any need.

Experience is the key.
Through our integration division, we’re Canada’s leader in deployments—enhancing and integrating them, maintaining and supporting them.

Imperium cloud services offer:
  • 24/7 support from a dedicated response team
  • Professionally managed deployment and upgrades for seamless integration
  • Experienced cloud management, so your applications respond how they should
  • Reliable hosting in a quality data centre, for high bandwidth, availability, and data security
Meet your business goals faster with Imperium cloud solutions.

Imperium simplifies cloud deployment for superior performance and profits.

Imperium can help you assess and implement. Call us now toll-free at (866) 931-9231 to discuss your project requirements.

Competitive Advantage

Atari was the first dominant game platform. The Nintendo Gameboy came next on an 8-bit device. Then Sega stole the show with a 16-bit console. (Remember 16-bit fever?)

Then Sony Playstation. Then Nintendo. We could go on.

The lesson: Each advance offers new ways to drive efficiencies and delight users. For many growing companies, the agility of cloud computing will be their secret weapon.

Think about it

Today’s laptop drives are the size of a deck of cards. It’s never been easier to store and carry all your important documents.

And it’s never been easier to lose them all.

The lesson: whenever you can, keep your data in public or private clouds, and use secure remote access for your workers.