Client Showcase


Scribe Healthcare Technologies
Scribe’s web-based technology solutions simplify the business of medicine. Scribe is the leader in web-native medical dictation, transcription and archival solutions for the clinical information (documentation, transcription) segment of the healthcare marketplace.

Roke Technologies Ltd. provides specialized measurement technologies and engineering services to the upstream Petroleum Industry. Roke assists their clients in making informed decisions on formation evaluation, reservoir management and ventflow/gas migration issues by combining an extensive in house research and development program with an outside the box approach to problem solving.



Conceptual Pathways


Lanier Healthcare Canada
Lanier provides leading technology for the healthcare industry. Specializing in workflow automation, LHCC simplifies this complex environment by providing innovative solutions that can speech enable the EMR/RIS, distribute critical results, automate worklists, and facilitate quality assurance.

Lanier also provides leading technology for Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies. Specializing in reducing cost and providing additional on duty time for the Officers.