Imperium Brings New Sunnyside Site to Life

Calgary’s own Sunnyside Home & Garden Centre has decided to better service their customers by making home and garden tips available online. Their new website provides access to everything home owners and gardeners require to make plans for customizing and decorating living spaces.

The key features of the new site — step-by-step project tutorials, a vast plant database, and printable brochures containing recommendations regarding home and garden maintenance — are all designed to aid and inspire. Users can visit the site to contact home and garden experts for advice or to view current weather forecasts. Sunnyside’s return policies and upcoming sales and events, as well as changes to store hours are now posted. In addition, directions to the home and garden centre from any location are accessible on the website. Product and company information are also posted on the site.

Imperium Inc. designed Sunnyside’s website with the needs of its users in mind and with consideration to the company’s ideals. Sunnyside is a company with roots that date back to the early 1900’s. A business such as Sunnyside appreciates the value of roots for establishing growth, so it strives to stay in touch with and support what makes it the successful company it is today — its customers.

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